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Public WEB PST for Outlook®
(Web access for Outlook without Exchange Server)

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Public WEB PST

With Public WEB PST for Outlook you will have web access to Outlook, live without any time differences. Updates are made automatically in real time in the Microsoft® Office Outlook. From deleting messages or adding a new contact to scheduling a meeting or creating a new task. All items that you create mobile over Public WEB PST for Outlook, are updated immediately in your Outlook at your office.

Microsoft Office Outlook customers can schedule meetings online, keep track of their calendar or share calendars with other users worldwide whether or not they use Microsoft Office Outlook.

When you return to the office, you never have to worry about staying up to date, because all your information is stored on the office Outlook PST file. Best of all, you can access this information virtually anywhere, with or without a personal notebook. You need only a computer with internet access like in a internet café, hotel lobby or any other computer with internet access. Microsoft Office Outlook customers can send e-mails immediately, with Public WEB PST for Outlook. E-mails are sent and stored in the local Office Outlook PST file, in your office.

  • You work with Microsoft Office Outlook?

  • Would you like to have access to your Outlook via web access without an Exchange Server?

  • Are you often traveling and need an independent and mobile access to your Outlook?

  • Do you want the best mobile over a web page and without monthly fee?

  • Would you like to use a common Microsoft Outlook without restricting many users and you want to use this "online"?

  • Would you like to schedule your meetings online?

  • Do you want to keep track of your calendar or share calendars with other users worldwide whether or not they use Microsoft Office Outlook?

World wide access to your Outlook without an Exchange Server: Each user can create, read, add attachments, delete and send E-mails, live in their own Outlook over the Public WEB PST online interface. Access to your contacts, that are stored in your Outlook Addressbook are also available to you when you want to send e-mails through Public WEB PST.

Access to your Outlook is a live connection. All changes are updated immediately, directly in your Outlook on your PC. Public WEB PST for Outlook does not synchronize Outlook between another web based database. If you answer an email with Public WEB PST for Outlook, it will be sent immediately and it will be stored in your sent items folder in Outlook. Public WEB PST is based on the Microsoft IIS Server® and on Public ShareFolder for Outlook, the PST sharing solution as an Exchange alternative.

Inbox: The forwarding or answering function is also available. The transmission of the sent e-mails is viewable in the "sent items" folder of the Personal Folder in Outlook in your office. Then Public WEB PST is your mobile solution for world-wide access to your Outlook.

Manage your e-mails, tasks, dates, contacts and other data online with any internet connected computer and no need for an Exchange server or any kind of Windows Server®. Make your workstation a Web Server and get access to your Outlook over the web.

How does Public WEB PST for Outlook work?

Actually the function of Public WEB PST is very simple. On your Windows CD (Windows 2000 Prof., Windows XP Prof., Windows Vista™) is a freeware Microsoft Web server, the IIS® (Microsoft Internet information server).

Public WEB PST shows your Outlook, including contents such as calendar, contacts, e-mails are seen on the IIS as a web page. This access is "live" without time differences. Now you can access this "web page" with your Outlook information world-wide, as long as the PC is switched on and has a connection to the Internet.

How do you currently have access over the Internet on your PC?

2 ways: First, you have a fixed IP address or you are using a freeware DNS internet service like:

who will give you a fixed internet name.

You will need to know your domain name, if you have only dynamic IP addresses. (In addition, you will find a more thourgh explaination of dynamic name services in the manual.) After you created an internet name for your "server" like (, the dyndns provider will forward the name directly to your computer.

If you would like to test Public WEB PST for Outlook, please download the actual demoversion from our download area.

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If you like to purchase licenses for Public WEB PST for Outlook, please use our online shop.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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