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   Public WEB PST - Download

Public WEB PST (PWP) version 1.2 incl. manual Download: Zip-File, 6,1 MB
Only manual for Public WEB PST Download: Zip-File, 0,5 MB

Restrictions of this demo version:

It allows maximum 10 simultaneous connections.

After 4 hours unlimited access to the shared folders, the server blocks all connections.

For getting full access for 4 hours again, please restart all IIS-Server services.

If you insert a bought license key into the Public WEB PST, the demo version becomes a full version.

If you want to test Public WEB PST without the time restriction, please send us an e-mail to:


We will send you a key without the 4 hour time limit, which is valid for your test period.

New in Version 1.2 (February 06, 2008):

  • Installations in timezones without daylight saving settings show alle items correctly.

New in Version 1.2 (January 15, 2007):

  • Public WEB PST supports Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007.
  • The Inbox folder get an own icon.
  • During the installation you can choose between the languages English and German.
  • All day appointments are shown correctly.
  • During the installation of the Microsoft IIS Servers the setup inserts the standard internet port 80 as exception into the Windowsfirewall.
  • RSS-Folders for Outlook 2007 are supported as follows:
    • Folders can not be deleted or moved
    • Folders has its own icon
    • Subfolders can not be deleted or moved
    • On the node RSSFeeds are shown all active Feeds (= subfolders) as a list

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